Penelope Milner

Maître Pastelliste

2014 Season

  • Exibitions in the "Chateau de Lacapelle Marival".

    From the first of july to the 31th of august. Further details.

  • Exibition in the "International Pastel Salon"

    Organised by the "French pastel society".
    From the 28th of june to the 31th of august Further details

  • Guest of honor at the "Arts du chateau" Exibition
    in Saussignac.

    From the 2nd of august to the 31st of august.

  • Solo exibition in the gallery "Jgallery" in Moulton.

    From the 5th of september to the 5th of october: exibition in the gallery : "Jgallery" in Moulton Northhamptonshire. Further details.

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